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Our Techniques

Active Isolated Stretching
Specialized stretching technique developed by
Aaron Mattes, well-known kinesiologist and massage therapist. Each stretch is held for only two seconds, which facilitates greater release of superficial and deep fascia (connective tissue) and re-educates the nervous system. The result is restored range of motion and flexibility.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Cranio-sacral therapy (CST) addresses the bones of the skull, spine, and sacrum as well as the membranes of the skull and spinal cord. The goal of CST is to release adhesions throughout the cranio-sacral system. This encourages the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, bringing nourishment to the brain and spinal cord—the base of our nervous system. CST is especially helpful for a variety of chronic conditions such as headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, head and spinal injuries, degenerative conditions, emotional issues, and stress relief. CST is a very gentle technique that can produce dramatic and lasting results. Clients are treated fully clothed.

Cross-Fiber Massage
Cross-fiber massage is a unique massage format because of its across-the-muscle-fiber principle. It is highly effective in relieving pain and restoring range of motion due to chronic conditions or injury. Cross-fiber massage elicits the body’s own healing responses with the intent to restore damaged muscles, body tissue, and nerve function. This cross-fiber foundation makes it corrective from the first stroke. When additional corrective techniques are combined with it, the results are unsurpassed. (NOTE: Corrective techniques do not need to be painful and can be very relaxing!)

Gentle Fascial Release
A troubleshooting technique developed by
Victoria Ross that uses gentle myofascial release adapted to the body’s sensitivity level. Fascia is the connective tissue that encases muscles, bones, organs, and vascular and lymphatic vessels. Restriction in the fascia can lead to pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion.

Gentle Fascial Release is unique from other myofascial techniques because the therapist palpates for the amount of tension coming from the tissue and then counters the tissue with the same amount of pressure. This work is very slow and deliberate. You may notice the therapist slow down—maybe even seem to stop—and linger in an area until a release is felt by both the therapist and client. (The thought process is, “Equalize the pressure, hold and melt, hold and melt, hold and melt…”) This subtle, yet powerful, corrective technique safely and painlessly addresses tissue damage as a result of surgery or injury, inflamed nerve pain, mastitis, scar tissue, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, and other highly-sensitive conditions. 

Integrative Massage
A custom blend of
bodywork modalities including myofascial massage, craniosacral therapy, trigger point therapy, and/or Swedish massage to address specific concerns.

Maternity Massage
Our therapists have specialized training in maternity massage. (Additionally, Cheryl is certified by Elaine Stillerman of Mother Massage.) Cross-fiber massage and myofascial techniques can be used as the foundation for Maternity Massage, but Swedish massage could also be used depending on client need or preference. Massage can help with common complaints during pregnancy, such as low back pain, leg cramps, or headaches.  Special bolsters and positioning are used for safety and comfort. In some cases, Mom may need written permission from her doctor or midwife before treatment. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your entire health care team. 

Myofascial Massage
Hands-on therapy that specifically addresses the fascial system. Myofascial massage is a non-invasive technique which can be performed gently. It can provide long-lasting results. It is highly effective for most chronic conditions and injuries—such as soft tissue trauma and pain, surgery and illness recovery, fibromyalgia, degenerative conditions, and chronic pain.

Fascia is a web-like connective tissue that surrounds every bone, muscle, nerve, and organ. It spirals out of the muscle to form the tendons and ligaments. Fascia protects and stabilizes by thickening and solidifying, which can then cause pain, restriction, adhesion, limited range of motion, postural imbalance, decreased circulation, and disordered nerve transmission.

Oncology Massage
Oncology Massage is beneficial for clients with past or current cancer treatment. Benefits include relaxation, decreased anxiety, improved sleep, scar tissue release, and decreased pain. Careful consideration is given to contraindications and precautions. Massage techniques are used with modifications that include special positioning or adjustments to pressure and direction of strokes. 

STRAIT Method™ Scar Tissue Release
STRAIT is an acronym for Scar Tissue Release and Integrated Therapies method™ developed by
Marjorie Brook, LMT.  It is a group of specific myofascial techniques aimed at minimizing scar tissue adhesion. This technique can help ease painful adhesions and increase flexibility and range of motion. It is painless and results are usually noticed immediately.

Swedish Massage
Easily identified by its long effleurage strokes and pressure applied in the direction of the heart. Excellent for relaxation. Many therapists use this as the basis of their work and add corrective strokes to it.

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