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Techniques used at Massage Therapy of Chester County include cross-fiber massage, myofascial techniques, oncology massage, maternity massage, Swedish massage, and reflexology.  

Over and over we see the corrective techniques of cross-fiber massage, myofascial work, and specialized stretches really help someone finally receive relief from chronic pain due to conditions like arthritis, sciatica, fibromyaligiamultiple sclerosis or injuries such as repetitive motion, sports, or accidents.

The benefits of oncology massage include relaxation, decreased anxiety, improved sleep, softening and more mobility around scar tissue, and decreased pain. Our therapists have specialized training in oncology massage to work safely and effectively whether you are currently being treated for cancer or had treatment in the past. A trained oncology massage therapist modifies existing massage techniques while adapting to side effects of cancer treatments from medications, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Some of these side effects carry lifelong modifications, such as lymphedema or decreased bone density. The massage modifications may include special positioning or adjustments to pressure and direction of strokes. (More information about oncology massage is provided by Society for Oncology Massage.)  

Maternity Massage is also offered.  How fantastic to work with moms-to-be!  Maternity Massage is useful for women trying to conceive, during pregnancy and labor, and for post-partum restoration. It really does help relieve symptoms like low back pain, headaches, ankle swelling, and other common pregnancy discomforts.  Special bolsters and positioning are used so that Mom (and baby) are safe and comfortable!

Infant Massage Classes are a great way for Mom and Dad to learn to massage their own baby! It is a wonderful bonding experience for families!  

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