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Janet Hartline, LMT
Cheryl Valvano, LMT
Julie A. Weigand, LMT


Cheryl Valvano, LMT

Cheryl Valvano iCheryl Valvano, LMTs a licensed massage therapist specializing in Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy®, maternity massage, and oncology massage. She has been practicing corrective muscle and soft tissue techniques since 1995. She has been serving the Chester Springs and surrounding communities since 2004. 

Cheryl received her initial training for massage therapy at the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Later she received personal mentoring from
Victoria Ross, founder of the International Institute for Corrective Muscle Therapy, Inc. For three years, Cheryl was an instructor of Swedish massage at the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy. She is presently a senior instructor of Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy® with the International Institute for Corrective Muscle Therapy, Inc.

Cheryl became a New York State licensed massge therapist in 1995 and a Pennsylvania licensed massage therapist in 2011. She received Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy certification and National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 1996. In 2007 she was certified in maternity massage by
Elaine Stillerman of Mother Massage®. In 2014 she became a certified infant massage educator (CEIM) by Infant Massage USA®.
 Additionally, Cheryl has specialized training in oncology massage and has learned to adapt cross-fiber massage and myofascial techniques to the specific needs of anyone ever treated for cancer—past or present.


Janet Hartline, LMT 

Jan is a Pennsylvania licensed massage therapist.  Her specialities are Crossfiber Corrective Muscle Therapy and mastectomy scar release.

A Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy (PSMT) graduate of Swedish massage and Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy, she also has an associate degree in applied science. Jan became a massage therapist in 1993 following 20 years of work in the business environment. She was an instructor of Swedish Massage and Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy as well as several continuing education workshops at PSMT. She also served as the International Association of Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapists coordinator for the Pfrimmer certification exam program. 

Jan strives to give focused, quality, caring service to the public with advanced alternative therapies and increase health awareness. She continues to study to further her skills for the benefit of the public to which she administers. 


Julie A. Weigand, LMT 

Julie A. Weigand is a Pennsylvania licensed massage therapist. She focuses on therapeutic modalities including myofascial massage, cranio-sacral therapy, and trigger point therapy. During an integrative massage session, Julie customizes a treatment that includes one or more of those techniques—depending on client need. She specializes in treating chronic pain and degenerative disorders as well as acute injuries. In addition, Julie also has training in maternity massage. 

Julie graduated from Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy (now Cortiva Institute) in 2000. After being trained in cranio-sacral therapy through Upledger Institute, Julie added this technique to her practice in 2002. In 2010 she graduated with a bachelor of arts with a concentration in holistic studies from Union Institute and University in Montpelier, Vermont. She is currently an instructor of myofascial massage at Cortiva Institute in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.  

Julie brings the combined benefits of many diverse personal and professional experiences to her practice. She strives to help improve the quality of life and well-being of both her clients and herself as she continues her studies and practices in wellness arts.  



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